ATLANTA COOL ZONE  sells the state of the art in portable patio heaters like The Curve, Halo, Prism and Axis


Atlanta Cool Zone sells the Curve®, a revolution in outdoor heating. Performance and convenience join with technological innovation to produce a true original in patio heat. With three ground-breaking features, cantilevered design, push-button start, and our proprietary infrared element, the Curve® provide warm comfort in your favorite areas – those that used to be nearly impossible to heat. Curve’s® electronic ignition gives you one-touch activation. Our cutting-edge cantilever design puts the infrared heating element directly OVER your dining or lounging areas. State of the art engineering means the Curve® directs almost all of its powerful wavelength heat downward and practically eliminates wasted energy from vertical heat loss, so common to traditional heaters. Too warm? No problem! The Hi – Lo setting lets you dial in just the right amount of heat. The Curve® delivers 32,000  BTU’s of heat over an impressive 10-foot radius for a 10 hours* of run time on a standard 20 lb propane tank. The PRISM and the AXIS are beautiful visually and the Halo has 48,000 BTU’s. CALL 770-317-5210 FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICING

ATLANTA COOL ZONE sells patio heaters like The Curve, Halo, Prism and Axis. These beautiful patio heaters are made from the best materials and are very attractive while providing superior heat

These premium units are more pricy than a cheap, store-bought patio heater that lasts one year. This is a long-term investment in outdoor heating because they well constructed so well with top quality metals and parts.


The Halo has a thicker, more durable Single-Piece 32” Dome  which radiates more heat than the flimsy 4 piece domes on lessor heaters


*** 48,000 BTU (15% more heat than big box store heaters)


* High grade 304 stainless steel finish extends to the top of the heater for a more elegant look.

* Can be converted to natural gas- Not many heaters are.

* Electroplated finishes

* Heavy-duty construction with weighted base and integrated wheels

* Reinforced emitter for added durability

* Total weight: 67.9 lbs.

* 91.4” Tall

* 3 YR Comprehensive Warranty

* Easy assembly within 15 minutes

* Unique Gun Metal (titanium) finish and Matte Black (Carbon) finish